Wallingford Presbyterian Church

"Love Christ, love each other, laugh often"


  If I could drill through your outcropping, I would create a space for hope.  
Hope is a trust in the steadfastness of God, against all odds.
Hope is the anecdote to despair.  

Hope is the victor over experience.  

Hope goes toe to toe with cynicism and wins.  
Hope is undaunted by what is and sees what can be.  
Hope is plentiful, not stingy.  
Hope is not generated, its given.  

Hope takes the attention off ourselves and places it rightly in the Divine.

 Hope is dimmed but never dead.  
Turn to your own heart.  In the stillness of the night, keep vigil-- let its beat match the heart of God.  For we carry this tenuous hope in us--for completion, for fullness, yes, even for the wolf to lie down the lamb.

Hold hope.

Rev. Tiare Mathison, Soul-Tender


"What Are You Afriad of?"

'God is 
Our refuge & strength,
A VERY PRESENT help in trouble.
We will not fear,
Though the earth might change
Mountains shake in the heart of the sea,
Though its waters sea and foam, though the mountains
Tremble with its tumult.'  Psalm 46:1-12
Memorize this!  It will hold you in such good stead.
Let's pray:
Hope for all those who are so afraid of the new president and his advisors
And if you are able, pray for President-elect Trump
For protestors to maintain peaceful resistance;
For the ability to look in the mirror and see our own racism, and then
Do something about it!
For deep listening hearts & minds of those who are very conservative and 
Feel like they belong in '...the class of the forgotten...'
Thank God for the open nature of our community, everyday.
Tell the ones you ❤️

SPIRIT SIGHTINGS:  Light and Justice!

  Every once in awhile I look up and out into the world.  I see a glimmer, a bit of light more bright than usual.  Its form is often contained in a human body, doing some ordinary act of kindness for another.  Not concerned with being noticed, this embodied light shines!  It draws me to itself.

  It is the teenager working hard on a conference about social justice; it is the $20 bills handed to me after church when a member has said he has no money for shoes; it is the 3rd year of the Giving Garden, vegetables for Familyworks, our local food bank.  It is walking alongside an Iraqi Muslim Refugee family on the path toward 'recognized status' here in the U.S.  It is 11 household kits for Syrian Refugees.  

I call these "Spirit Sightings".  

Rev. Tiare L. Mathison, pastor and soul-tender

Sunday Schedule

9:30am - Small Groups (September-June)

10:30am - Worship Service

  • Children’s worship is offered during the latter part of our worship hour.
  • Middle school and high school students are invited to worship together with the adults in the sanctuary.

11:45am - Coffee Hour

  • Good conversation and good coffee
  • 1st Sunday of the month "Open Table" lunch during coffee hour

Nursery care provided for children 2 and under from 9:30am to 12pm