Wallingford Presbyterian Church

"Love Christ, love each other, laugh often"

Please join us for our weekly 10:30 service

Child care provided
Sunday school for children up through 5th grade during worship

How does a garden grow?  Two volunteers level the beds; one turns the soil; another adds the compost and organic dirt--he then adds marigolds in the corners of the 7 beds; one goes to the Plant Sales at Tilith and Ballard, brings us lots of starts--tomatoes, squash, sugar snap peas, kale, lettuces--another meets her at the beds to plant.  Our Praise Band practices on Thursday nights, so they volunteer to water.  Another woman waits for her husband to pick her up on Sunday after church, she waters too.  We have a Girl Scout Troop that meets in the building and they water and plant.  Millennials pitch in to water and plant too.  From young to old, middle age, we are blessed to have so many volunteers!!!  Please join us.