Our staff


Pastor: Rev. Tiare Mathison

Tiare grew up in Seattle, then went to Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA and has been a pastor in three different settings. Tiare says “Pastoring is a privilege.  I get to hear peoples' stories of joy and heartache, of hope and despair; I get to baptize and bury. Thanks be to God.” She is thrilled to be the Pastor at Wallingford Presbyterian Church. “God has done amazing things with this micro church and it is exciting to see what God does next,” she said. Please feel free to email her (wallpcpastor@gmail.com); she would love to meet you! 

Director, children + youth: Alex bodman

Alex comes to us from Britain.  He is a graduate student at Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  He brings a passion for engaging children & youth in their faith, and often has exciting demonstrations to share His message with the whole congregation.



Facilities Manager: David Lang

David has maintained the facilities at WPC for several years. Born in Hanoi, Vietnam he also speaks both Vietnamese and Chinese.  After coming to the US in 1980, he began work for the Seattle Public Library in 1988 as custodian/maintenance, where he continues to work in addition to his work at WPC. David is married with 3 children, and in his spare time enjoys basketball, fishing, and travel.