I heard a lecture by Curt Thompson a few weeks ago.  He is a Psychiatrist with an interest in Neurobiology.  He spoke about the biological need of humans to be in the presence of beauty.  He used this phrase:  

"Interpersonal Neurobiology".  He suggests we are changed, literally, the energy fields of human beings change as we encounter beauty.  At least, this is how I remember it.  

It is a way to become more fully human, more fully known to your self and to others, when you encounter beauty together.  It is one of the reasons we have a worship service every week.  It might be the flowers on the table; the powerful and beautiful music; the Word preached and heard; prayers offered of great joy and great lament.  Conversations after church over coffee and treats.  The touch of a hand while we pass the peace.  A warm embrace.  Such beauty.

Please join us at 10:30am every Sunday.  Corner of Ashworth and 42nd, in the Wallingford neighborhood.

Tiare, Soul-Tender